AntheliOsTM Infrastructure Services

"We are pleased to be continuing our partnership with Anthelio Healthcare Solutions. They have demonstrated exceptional expertise and reliability with regards to our technology needs, which are essential to providing excellent care to our patients and our organization.”
-VP of Operations, Ancillary Care and CIO
Saint Mary’s Hospital

Comprehensive Line of Integrated IT Services

AntheliOsTM Infrastructure Services

In this demanding healthcare environment, a robust IT operation can be a key strategic asset, helping organizations master their own data. Anthelio empowers them with critical business information, actionable insight and the business agility needed to continually drive and support delivery of quality care while sustaining profitability. Anthelio offers a wide range of IT infrastructure services that are built on sustained value, efficiencies and cost effective solutions.
Healthcare IT Challenges

  • Privacy and security concerns
  • Cost of ownership for IT infrastructure
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Infrastructure availability
World Health Organization estimates up to 40% of resources spent on healthcare are wasted*

Cloud Services (DaaS/laaS/SaaS/PaaS)

Anthelio's Cloud Solutions eliminate capital expenditure with flexible, on-the-fly expansion capabilities

Data Warehouse

Creating a central location and storage space for various data sources is critical to supporting, analyzing, reporting and other BI functions. Anthelio’s Data Warehouse solution provides the key to your hospital's Data Warehouse requirements

Data Management/Protection

Anthelio provides world-class, secure data management and protection services to keep your data accessible at all times.


Anthelio's Telephony services help hospitals efficiently manage their telephony network.

Network Management

Anthelio provides robust network management services to keep your network optimized.

Integrated Monitoring Solutions

Anthelio's Integrated Monitoring Solutions provide embedded monitoring for all Anthelio provided managed services.

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